Accentuate the positive

People react positively to positive language, which can help you persuade and generate good will, the keys to moving to a buying decision. The opposite is also true.

Try to find a different approach, rather than using words like: no, do not, refuse, unfortunately, unable to, can’t, mistake, problem, avoid, error, damage, loss and failed. These words generally come up in RFPs when answering a question you have no good answer for, but they also appear in key features documents, fund reports and marketing collateral. As a result, investment writing often sounds like the firm is trying to weasel out of something.

How to sound more positive:

  • Stress what something is, not what it isn’t.
  • Talk about what you or your product can do, rather than what it cannot.
  • Always start with action rather than apology or explanation.

Writing from the positive

Negative text Positive text
We regret to inform you that we cannot accept investment subscriptions of less than £10,000 in share class ‘I’. Our institutional share class offers a substantial discount on the management fee for those investors who invest more than £10,000.
Our Killer Alpha Multi Manager Fund is not the usual cut-price multi-manager fund typically offered at such a low management fee. Our Killer Alpha Multi Manager Fund offers benefits and features rarely found for such a low management fee.

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